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SuperBowl Odds

SuperBowl 2006 Odds (From William Hill Betting) as at Jan-16,200:

Dever 13/8
Seattle 9/4
Pittsburg 3/1
Carolina 4/1

Super Bowl Betting

"As most fans with a few dollars riding on the SuperBowl settle into their chairs to watch Sunday's game, thousands of bettors will be logging onto the Internet for hours of non-stop gambling action in which money will change hands after virtually every play."

This is a quote from an msnbc article by Mike Brunker which may or may not still exist online here. Mr. Brunker discusses the world of online gaming in depth, with direct relationship to superbowl betting. If you're interested in learning about online betting in general, the video interview available from this article is particularly interesting. As the Internet betting establishments have mastered their technology online, sports books have become capable of offering real-time wagering within a game. This means that you can literally place a bet play by play if that's the kind of action you're looking for. The idea of continuous betting is not a new one by any stretch of the imagination; listen closely to the stands of most major sporting events and if you know the lingo, you'll hear the bets being placed. SuperBowl betting is no exception of course, in fact it is perhaps the busiest time of year for sports books which pander to an American audience.