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SuperBowl party tips and planning

According to Hallmark, the SuperBowl is now America's top party occasion, surpassing New Year's Eve. Of course, Hallmark wont tell me where they get their stats from. More than 130 million Americans watched last year's SuperBowl on television with an estimated global television audience of 800 million. Nine of the ten most-watched television programs of all-time are SuperBowls. In addition, the American Institute of Food Distribution states that SuperBowl Sunday is the second-largest day of food consumption behind only Thanksgiving. Do you guys have the same memories of fullness on superbowl sunday that you do of thanksgivings gone past?
If these statistics are surprising you, relax, all it means is it's time to party! A successful SuperBowl party is the only place that you can eat loads of junk food, laugh with friends, schmooze with new friends/contacts, and show off your party-planning skills, while watching your favorite teams knock heads. It's become traditional to round up a group of friends, put out a meal of casual food such as chili, pizza, sandwiches or lasagna, and gather around the TV to cheer for your favorite team. It's truly a great American good time.
To add just a little more to the day than chili, big tv screens, and beer, why not make it seem like a party with the help of your computer? You can make personalized invitations, place settings, banners, pennants, or even t-shirt iron-ons. OhYA, think about how good your SuperBowl party would be if your guests are each handed a 'Joes SuperBowl Party 2004' t-shirt as they walk through the door. You could make two kinds, one supporting each team (while dissing the others). This alone will make your party more memorable than any other on the block!

Do something neat with your invitations - have them look like stadium admission tickets or shape them like footballs. Speaking of football shapes, don't forget to cut something into the shape of a football this year! From a food perspective, keeping things simple is key. Good sandwiches and good chili are all you really need for a cold January afternoon.

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